AriesX - reducing anxiety and depression caused by loneliness.

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AriesX understands the growing need for companionship. Our adult robots, offer more than just sexual gratification, through our advanced socialization technology. We are able to generate profiles for user specific scenarios; allowing the dolls to be used to ease you through a hard break up or alleviate the grief of a lost loved one and much more. We are proud that our Adult Companions can provide the support needed at any stage of one’s private life.

Through comprehensive research, we have discovered how we can improve, the texture, and enhance the skeleton of the robot to make it more life-like; expression technology allows the facial motions of our companions to become truer to life than ever before. We continue to Research and Develop along the way, so we can install the most up to date and reliable technology into our products. We also aim to develop multilingual speaking models to cater for a global audience soon.

Covid has caused a surge in demand for our robots, and we will be launching an online store where you can purchase our female and male companion robots.