Robotics And AI

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Robotics and AI are among the fastest growing markets the world has ever seen and Aries plans to take full advantage, by being in the driver’s seat of this new and exciting revolution.

The future of work?

The robotics industry is growing at an exponential rate. We are dedicated to creating unique opportunities for robotics enthusiasts and already established companies interested in exploring this industry.

A booming industry

Robots are a huge part of our society and interact with humans in ways that many people take for granted. The World Robotics 2020 Industrial Robots report found 2.7 million robots already working across the planet. Robotics have made it possible to streamline many processes and technology will only continue to grow, evolve, and reiterate.

we have established three sub-divisions within Aries Robotics: Aries RoboMedic, Aries Guardian and AriesX each focusing on a different field of robotics. Our mission is to connect ideas, people, and communities to tackle new challenges and drive positive change through innovation.