Who Are We

We see boundless potential in the way we live.

Aries robotics are a humble robotics company with big aspirations. We believe that robotics will aid world development and we are committed to doing our bit.

Robots are a huge part of our society and interact with humans in ways that many people take for granted. The World Robotics 2020 Industrial Robots report found 2.7 million robots already working across the planet. Robotics have made it possible to streamline many processes and technology will only continue to grow, evolve, and reiterate.

we have established three sub-divisions within Aries Robotics: Aries RoboMedic, Aries Guardian and AriesX each focusing on a different field of robotics. Our mission is to connect ideas, people, and communities to tackle new challenges and drive positive change through innovation.

Global Innovations

Dreams of the Past Realities of Today

Our Mission

To generate more knowledge and accelerate innovation, health and prosperity for all.

Become Leaders in innovation

Build on successful science and make it even more powerful by ensuring it is openly available.

Lead The Robot Revolution

With the world’s leading API-first robotics control, monitoring, and universal robotics operating system