Aries Robotics

Robotics and AI for a more sustainable future

At Aries Robotics, we believe in using AI and robotics to create a sustainable future and drive positive change through innovation. From aspiring to research and develop future household brands and appliances to pushing the boundaries of innovation, we are committed to make everyday living easier through technological advancements. 

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Life can be complicated enough as it is—let us help you make it easier. At Aries Robotics, we strive to develop AI and robotic solutions that can help improve day to day living. From smart watering your garden to your greenhouse, let us show you how our cutting-edge technology can help make life simpler, greener and more enjoyable.

Supporting STEM education in the UK

Aries Robotics is committed to encouraging and supporting the UK’s STEM curriculum, helping students aged 16-19 years old understand the potential impact of these technologies and how they can drive positive change through innovation. It is our hope that this initiative will inspire this important age group to get ahead of the game by equipping themselves with the skills and confidence to eventually lead in this ever-evolving industry.

Ready for a Robot Battle?

Our robot battles will be an incredible opportunity and turn of events in which you build your mega beast robot to battle it out against your rivals to win a prize!

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Welcome to our London Store

Located in the heart of Covent Garden we showcase a variety robotics and make available a student workshop facility for aspiring robotic engineers. 

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31 Betterton Street